Fair trade is one of the four tenets upon which CONSTRUCT is built, and it receives due status in strategy meetings.

CONSTRUCT wants to actively engage with clients, designers and stakeholders to allow a better understanding of the value that our members can bring to the sector through early engagement and the establishment of a fairer trading environment.

As well as improving trading policies for all, fair trade also means that everyone has the same power and ability to do things regardless of size. It is very important to us that our membership is wholly inclusive and Fair Trade is one area where we can ensure that smaller businesses within CONSTRUCT do not feel pushed out or left out by the bigger firms.

CONSTRUCT works with our members to ensure that all parties are considered and protected through all phases of a project.
CONSTRUCT’s main focus is RC Frame construction and our members work with a wide supply chain to gain the skills and materials they require.

Procurement initiatives

There are a number of initiatives on which CONSTRUCT is working to ensure that all members, regardless of size, location or history, have a fair crack at the whip.  Once a contract is awarded, we are working to ensure that all parties are considered and protected through all phases.

With regard to procurement policies, the big issues are the contractual terms of timed payments and retention policies.

We work closely with Build UK to create the change that is necessary.  Our Fair Trade Champion, Alastair Maciver and other Council Members, contribute regularly to get as much as possible out of our strategic alliance with Build UK, which is has a strong lobby to both government and clients.

Build UK has lobbied Government, Local Authorities and Clients on behalf of all Contractors for fairer payment terms.  They have developed a Fair Payment Charter which is aimed at reducing and finally abolishing retentions.  The Charter commits clients to pay their supply chain at 30 days from date of invoice.

Effective project design and use of BIM can assist with monitoring costs and promotes collaborative working on complex projects.
A close working relationship with Build UK provides us with the opportunity to be proactive in changes to Fair Trade and prompt payment.


CONSTRUCT offers its members free legal advice with Osborne Clark.

The free advice, which excludes Health and Safety matters, is restricted to 1 hour and Osborne Clarke will discuss with our members the way forward in a legal context.

Your point of contact at Osborne Clark is:
John Redmond
0117 917 3458