• Principal Tower - Careys Civil Engineering

    Winner of the Projects Over £2.5m award at the 2019 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    Careys Civil Engineering successfully completed a package of works on the 50 story landmark, Principal Tower. These works included constructing the tower’s core and structural columns, using an innovative jump form system, as well as building the basement, which ranges between two and four levels across the site. Careys adapted and utilised a new jump form system which has never been used before in the UK. This was used to construct the core and structural columns. Careys also used methodologies supported by state-of-the-art building information modelling (BIM) techniques and visualisations produced by Careys in-house design team.

  • Royal Albert Hall South West Basement - Real Time Civil Engineering

    Highly Commended in the Projects Over £2.5m category at the 2019 CONSTRUCT Awards. 

    This project consisted of two separate entities; the enabling works and southwest basement. As one can imagine, carrying out such work on one of the most famous music venues in the country brought many challenges. The enabling works included the construction of two new lift pits and corridors beneath the Royal Albert Hall using traditional mining techniques, whilst not disturbing shows, set ups and rehearsals. Nevertheless, the Royal Albert Hall and its patrons have received 1460m2 basement with minimal disruption.

  • Brunel Building - Expanded

    Shortlisted in the Projects Over £2.5m award category at the 2019 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    Brunel Building is a 17 storey commercial building with exposed concrete. The location of this building proved to be extremely challenging, as it borders the Grand Union canal, Paddington Station and North Wharf road. This meant that the logistics manager and trade construction managers had to work very closely to ensure intricate planning was carried out in advance and was closely co-ordinated. Various concrete finishes were required across a range of concrete types and construction methods for this complex build. A few include exposed in situ cast cores and exposed precast concrete soffit.

  • Woodsmith Mine - Careys Civil Engineering

    Shortlisted in the Projects Over £2.5m category at the 2019 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    Careys were contracted to serve as principal contractor for the beginning phases of the Woodsmith Mine project in Whitby, Yorkshire. This project requires masses of innovative procedures, and Careys have attacked this project with their state-of-the-art technology. Careys’ in-house Design Team produced 3D and 4D modelling to help trial key elements of the operations at Woodsmith Mine. They also had to carry out the excavation of the vertical tunnel and creating reinforced concrete works. To carry out this work effectively, Careys decided to deploy a vertical sinking machine, for the first time ever in the UK.

  • Royal College of Pathologists - Oliver Connell & Son

    Winner of the Projects Under £2.5m award at the 2019 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    The Royal College of Pathologists is seven storeys in total with a basement providing catering facilities for the offices and conference suites on the ground floor through to level six. Plant rooms and further office and accommodation space are located on the seventh floor. The stunning architecture, carried out by Bennetts Associates, had a massive input on the overall project. To create the impressive imprint, the team nailed 75 mm sawn boards to the standard PERI formwork systems used. The attention to detail from the concreting team really stands out on this project, as the sawn timber board marked walls tie in perfectly with the adjoining courses of bricks.

  • Tollgate Primary School - LF Solutions

    Shortlisted in the Projects Under £2.5m category at the 2019 CONSTRUCT Awards. 

    Completed in 2018, LF Solutions were contracted to complete all Sub Structure and Superstructure works to three separate buildings for the extension scheme to the school.  The project presented several logistical challenges which LF Solutions overcame. As part of this extension scheme, LF Solutions had to reinforce concrete inverted T-Roof Beams forming the roof structure, in which they had to encase a steel beam with associated rebar in concrete at a height of 7.2m. They completed this in sloped formwork to correct the pitch. However, LF Solutions worked well to overcome these challenges and provided the client with what they required.


  • Tottenham Hotspur Football Club - A J Morrisroe & Sons

    Winner of the Projects Over £2.5m award at the 2018 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    Morrisroe constructed the RC foundations and superstructure elements of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium using a variety of concrete construction methods including: in-situ concrete works for groundwork elements, posttensioned slabs, walls, columns and beams; jumpform cores; precast terrace units, staircases and raker beams; and composite decks. Designed by Populous, Morrisroe initially constructed the RC foundations and pilecaps for the six RC cores, crane bases, stands and basement box. The superstructure included the construction of the post-tensioned slabs, nine-storey jumpform cores, installation of 6,500 precast elements, and composite slab construction on the South Stand steel-frame.

  • Water Street Bridge - Kilnbridge Construction Services

    Highly Commended in the Projects Over £2.5m category at the 2018 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    Montgomery Bridge is a bascule bridge over Canary Wharf’s South Dock which will connect the new Water Street Causeway
    and Montgomery Street. The three main work areas for this project, Water Street Causeway and both bridge abutments, each required careful consideration by the Kilnbridge team. Works needed to take place over and adjacent to water within restrictive timescales in an already congested, access restricted and environmentally sensitive and prestigious construction development area. The chosen methods served to combine in house designed and constructed permanent and temporary works to deliver a superb engineering achievement for our Client.

  • Royal Mint Gardens Encapsulation - Careys Civil Engineering

    Shortlisted in the Projects Over £2.5m category at the 2018 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    The encapsulation structure for the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) line near Bank Station tunnel is a 100m section of cover
    structure over the existing DLR from Bank and directly adjacent to the existing Network Rail viaduct which carries the DLR Tower Hill line and the Fenchurch street main line railway. It posted design and logistical challenges from inception to completion due to the sloped site; proximity to operating rail assets; very limited site areas for onsite storage and plant circulation; compliance with safety critical features and upgrades and additional to existing assets. The optimum solution was to construct the encapsulation superstructure using piled foundations; precast concrete walls and beam elements with in-situ monolithic concrete topping to the precast beam.

  • Newfoundland - PERI

    Shortlisted in the Projects Over £2.5m category at the 2018 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    Newfoundland is a 60-storey tower that is set to become one of the UK’s tallest residential buildings on completion. At 218 metres high, the building will accommodate 636 high-specification bedroom apartments, providing luxury living alongside retail and dining space. The structure’s unique geometry, coupling of concrete and steel, and method of construction sets it apart from any other building in Canary Wharf. It features a diagrid steel frame on its façade and an irregular-shaped concrete core formed of four smaller cores, which collectively resemble the geometry of a rugby ball. To prepare the site for construction and provide the required support for the structure, 38 bearing piles were driven 60m deep below ground level.

  • Weston Street - Oliver Connell & Son

    Winner of the Projects Under £2.5m award at the 2018 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    The scheme is comprised of eight tessellating apartments, facing South over the neighboring park and conservation area. They are all two or three bedrooms laid out over half levels. the architect Simon Allford, designed a stunning concept with an internal concrete timber grained finish with no columns but shear walls to the external and internal structural walls. Each 140mm plank was chosen with the internal finish in mind, planed on site to 19mm in thickness and secretly nailed onto a traditional form-work panel system for each individual wall. after a pre planned time period, each panel was struck from the wall, and the planks removed and de-nailed, cleaned, checked for thickness, and laid out in a different manner to ensure no two walls are the same throughout the building.

  • Woodmansterne Secondary School - Southern Concrete

    Shortlisted in the Projects Under £2.5m award at the 2018 CONSTRUCT Awards.

    Southern Concrete constructed a 4 storey RC frame on an existing school campus that will form Woodmansterne Secondary School. Southern Concrete were involved with the project very early on and initiated design alternatives to increase efficiencies onsite, enhance the programme and reduce budget costs. We felt the aforementioned materials suited the scheme and huge benefits could be made onsite with less labour and improved build durations. Our client had not seen or experienced many of these building methods and were keen to experiment to improve their future delivery for RC frames. The amalgamation of the materials created synergy where programme expectation was significantly improved.