‘Have-a-go’ Construction Skills & Career event

‘Have-a-go’ Construction Skills & Career event

We invite you, and / or your members, to attend an industry-led ‘have-a-go’ Construction Skills & Career event taking place in Lincolnshire from 26th – 28th September.

The event is in its 19th year of delivery and, over 3 days, attracts approximately 1500 students from schools across the Greater Lincolnshire region. Rather than the traditional exhibition stands format of a walk around career fair, the event provides practical hands-on experiences  (50 minute duration sessions, timetabled with groups of approx. 15 students plus a school supervisor, which is repeated 4 times during the day with different student groups).  Attendees partake in 2 different activity sessions in the morning and a further 2 in the afternoon, giving them a variety of industry experiences and insights.

On Wednesday 27th September following the school event we also run a separate Post 16 ‘Meet the Employer’ networking session, aimed at FE students / Sixth Form students and adult career changers, to enable participating businesses and sector representatives to further showcase their industry specialisms to a broader audience.

As you will see from the attached flyer, the event is free to businesses and schools to attend.  We appreciate that committing to 3 days is not possible for everyone, so we can accommodate anyone who wishes to partake in just one or two days.

This event is extremely rewarding to be part of, supports social values aims and provides a great platform to enthuse potential new entrants to join the industry.  If you would like further information please let me know and we can set up a Teams call to discuss further.

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