CONSTRUCT’S members make up the vast majority of players of all sizes in the UK’s Concrete Structures industry. Indeed, the total spend of that vast majority in the concrete structures sector is completed by our members. The membership is truly national with members operating in all corners of the UK.

Any membership organisation grows in strength on the credibility of its members so we are particularly proud to represent a large number of market-leading organisations in different categories and as such, are unarguably the central authority within our specialist sector.

Categories of Membership

1       Concrete Frame Contractors

2      Clients:

          2a)    Developers/End Users

          2b)    Management/Project Manager

3       Consultants

4       Suppliers

5       Academic/Research Institutions

6      Industry Associations

Our vision is to be the voice for the whole industry, and as such we are serious about encouraging new members to join.

Become a member

Companies applying for membership must provide a completed application form and all other supporting documentation and information required according to the membership category you are applying for. In additional Concrete Frame Contractors are required to:

  • be active in concrete frame construction
  • be able to demonstrate that concrete frame construction is a core activity
  • be able to demonstrate that industry performance standards can be achieved
  • be financially stable
  • provide relevant references relating to concrete frame construction
  • have a health and safety policy
  • be capable of providing labour, materials and plant as a minimum (on-site engineering and management preferred but not essential)
  • conform with acceptable industry employment practices.

Applications are reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee and ratified by the CONSTRUCT Council.

Annual subscriptions are due 1st January.
Subscription Fees are subject to VAT.
Any member who has failed to make payment by 30 June will be contacted and ongoing membership reviewed.


annual subscription £3,500
annual subscription £250
annual subscription £1,000
Industry bodies
by negotiation