CONSTRUCT represents approximately 80% of UK concrete frame contractors, dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of building in-situ concrete frames and associated structures. We focus on:

  • Continuous Improvement in Health, Safety and Wellbeing for the sector

  • Provision of industry leading training for the sector

  • Fairer trading terms for our members

  • Promotion and Innovation of Concrete Frames in the industry

  • The voice of members to government, clients, and the supply chain

  • A network for best practice and setting the industry standards

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CONSTRUCT recently interviewed Council member, Tom Connell of Oliver Connell & Son.

Tom discusses the importance of #recruitment, particularly of the younger generation, and the ways in which CONSTRUCT can tackle this issue

Read the full #interview here: https://bit.ly/3vLiZ5M

We would also like to welcome our second new member @DB_Group_Ltd!

DB Group manufactures and installs sustainable and innovative products for the construction industry with expertise, professionalism and complete reassurance: https://bit.ly/3vAuJbb

CONSTRUCT is delighted to welcome two new members on board!

Our first new member is Structemp - with more than 40 years construction design experience, Structemp can provide project concentric solutions for all forms of permanent and temporary works: https://bit.ly/3aWUE3B

We have partnered up with @LeytonUK, to produce #guidance on the R&D Tax Credits Scheme which allows companies to reduce their corporate #tax bill or receive a tax refund from HMRC.

Find out about potential areas of R&D in the #construction industry here https://bit.ly/30GGBx9