CONSTRUCT Announces It Will Be Supporting Two New Charities!

CONSTRUCT Announces It Will Be Supporting Two New Charities!

CONSTRUCT are thrilled to announce we will be supporting 2 additional charities. This year the addition charities will be Autistic FC and Life After Cancer Essex.

Autistic FC

Autistic FC supports young people with autism using football to provide a safe environment where they can be understood and be themselves. Autistic FC ethos is football for all and with that in mind, they created the AFC Dads team. The Dad’s team is for parents of the children who come to the club, they play charity teams across Essex raising money for each other’s charities. CONSTRUCT is proud to be the first-ever AFC Dads sponsor and we love the new football kit with the CONSTRUCT logo.

LACE: Life After Cancer Essex

CONSTRUCT General Manager, Ian Burnett, had the pleasure of spending the morning in the company of Life After Cancer Essex (LACE) members walking and talking at RHS Hyde Hall. CONSTRUCT is working with LACE to raise awareness of the charity and raise funds for the work they do to support people in Essex affected by cancer. A special thank you to Steve Hammond for inviting Ian Burnett to the event.

The founder of LACE Jo Hammond was diagnosed with stage 3 bladder cancer at an early age of 49. After major surgery and spending the next year physically recovering, she went through different emotional stages; feeling a great sense of loss (from the person I used to be), to angry and inevitably desperation.

She was then in remission for approximately 1 year, during lock down, before she sought any help for her emotional wellbeing and started engaging with a counsellor. Although a great help, she really wanted to talk to other people who were in a similar position and ‘got it’. You would think that once you are told you are in remission, it would be a huge relief, but for her and many others, this was when the real emotional pain and suffering started.

The thought of others going through a similar journey plagued jo for some time, this is when LACE; Life After Cancer Essex was created.

The aim of the group is to offer something different, something ‘outdoors’ where people can take in some fresh air, where they can conduct some ‘exercise’, appreciate the wildlife and plants whilst walking and talking in a safe environment.

LACE offers

  • The opportunities for sociable gatherings through a ‘walk and talk group’,
  • The opportunity to be with others who have been through similar situations and ‘get it’!
  • An opportunity to talk about recovery, how they are getting through it,
    and support others
  • A place to offload any worries or concerns
  • Encouragement to start getting fit/ maintain fitness
  • Positive encouragement through individuals’ unique journeys
  • Provide a supportive listening ear

To Quote Jo’s words

‘I could only cry so much until eventually acceptance started to kick in. At this point I started to see life in a completely new light. ‘Wake up and smell the roses’……I certainly did. Every day I woke up, I was so grateful to be alive. Suddenly the sky was bluer, the grass was greener and I started to appreciate everyone and everything in my life. Making the most of everyday, appreciating the here and now and keeping busy is where I find my renewed strength. With the additional support from Helen Rollason and the wonderful people I have met on the LACE walks, I am truly grateful.’

LACE has since expanded its provision to Art and Pottery allowing members to express their in creativity in a safe and friendly environment.  A chance to focus on something other than the journey they are all travelling or have travelled.  In addition, LACE now provides mindfulness sessions including Meditation, Yoga and Gong Baths enabling members to forget, even for a short time.

All members of the group have been or are affected by cancer in some form. To say it is a caring sharing group is an underestimate.

To quote a couple of members

“This group has given a renewed reason to get up in the morning”

“LACE has been a life line for me and given me the opportunity to join a new family”

Unfortunately, Jo the founder and driving force behind LACE lost her 5 year battle with cancer sadly passing away 31 July 2023.  Although a massive tragedy to lose someone so young with so much drive and compassion to help others, Jo has left a legacy that will continue in to the distant future.  As her husband of 37 years and best friend of 40 years it is now Steve Hammonds goal to ensure that Jo’s legacy will continue.

To access LACE support and find out where the weekly walks are taking place, please check out our Facebook page LACE; Life After Cancer Essex (UK)

Or visit our website at

Donations can be made by bank transfer to

The Co-operative Bank




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