The NSCS Review Begins

The NSCS Review Begins

The National Specialist Concrete Specification (NSCS) is now to be reviewed by a group of CONSTRUCT members and other stakeholders to bring it in line with modern practices, new standards and regulations.

CONSTRUCT Council member, Jenny Burridge, also of MPA The Concrete Centre, is leading the review, that will see the NSCS refreshed since its last publication in 2010.

The review will be split into different subject areas, loosely related to the chapters of the current fourth edition, and will have representatives from concrete contractors, suppliers, designers, architects, specifiers and others, to ensure representation comes from across the supply chain.

The fifth edition – due to be published in 2024 – will incorporate the latest methods of construction, new sustainability considerations, and the latest changes in legislation and standards to ensure the new Specification is fit-for-purpose.

Previously, the NSCS has been a physical publication, but it is soon to be a digital asset available online and is expected to be free to access. Making the Specification digital will allow for minor changes to be made more often, ensuring it is always kept up-to-date.

Members have the opportunity to get involved with the review if they so wish, with a number already signed up to offer their expertise. Sub-group review groups are:

  • Falsework and formwork
  • Reinforcement
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Concrete and concreting
  • Precast
  • Geometric tolerances
  • Sustainability
  • Overall

To ensure a balanced review of each section, it might not always be possible to be added to a review group, but all members will be given the opportunity to give feedback on the draft text before publication.

To enquire about joining one of the sub-groups, or to request a review of the draft text ahead of publication, please email us with details of the sub-group and how you would like to engage.

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