Construction Skills Network (CSN) Media Opportunity

Construction Skills Network (CSN) Media Opportunity

Afternoon CONSTRUCT members,

Happy New Year!

Through our connection with CITB, we have been advised there is a Construction Skills Network (CSN) media opportunity. CITB is due to launch an updated CSN forecast on the 18th of January. The report covers 2023-2027 and highlights that construction is expected to remain a sector where there is demand for workers despite the current economic uncertainty. As a result, recruitment, training, development, and upskilling remain major priorities for the industry for 2023 and beyond.

When report updates are launched CITB is typically approached for TV, radio, and press interviews to explain the findings. Media outlets typically also want to hear directly from construction businesses about their current experience with recruitment and training demands in the sector. They aren’t looking for expert analysis of the CSN data, they are looking for the views of construction companies about recruitment, training, and the broader outlook for their business and or the sector as a whole.

CITB would like to know if you might be interested in being put forward for any media opportunities that arise between the 18th – 20th of January to give your perspective on recruitment and training demands in the sector. There are no guaranteed opportunities and sometimes opportunities are withdrawn at short notice when there are major breaking stories- so CITB is looking for companies who don’t mind being on standby and would probably be able to put a representative forward.

Information CITB requires:

  • Name of your company
  • What you do and the size of their operation
  • Link to website (if they apply)
  • Name and job title of interviewee
  • Their email address and mobile number
  • If your company does have a press/media/comms team or person, please let CITB have their details, too.
  • Confirmation that you can probably respond to requests from the 17th – 20th of January

Secondly, CITB would greatly appreciate any feedback on the apprenticeship levy pledge & transfer.

Apprenticeship Levy Pledge

CITB is hoping to capture feedback for improvements and promote the Apprenticeship Levy Pledge to employers, both those paying the apprenticeship levy and those SMEs who could benefit from it. CITB is lacking insights currently. Would you or your colleagues be kind enough to complete a very quick survey for CITB? (4 x Questions, v. short and Y/N answers, 2mins max).

Please find the survey here


The Apprenticeship Levy Pledge

  • An Apprenticeship Levy-paying employer can use the Apprenticeship Levy Pledge service to make their unspent funds available for other employers to apply for
  • Pledges give employers more choice about where their money can go – they can set the criteria including location, sector, type of job role, and apprenticeship qualification level
  • Businesses that meet the criteria can then apply for the funds

Sharing unspent AL funds will:

  • Support more apprenticeship starts across the construction industry.
  • Ensure more people get the jobs they want.
  • Help smaller construction businesses expand.
  • Address critical construction skills shortages.

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