New E-Learning for CSCS Cards

New E-Learning for CSCS Cards
We have been informed by the CIC (and you may have seen something about it) that they have authorised a provider to offer an e-Learning course that will allow Professionally Qualified People who want a White Card, to be able to complete an on-line course rather than attending a touch screen test centre.
The information was rather confusing, so we have had a long conversation with the provider concerned and this is what we have found out about the offer.
  • The on-line test costs £39.99, although this reduces somewhat with bulk buys. The existing touch screen test is £22.50 and the revision book is £12 (which your company can share around) or the app is £6.99 for one person to use.
  • The new course is purchased and the person is given access to the content which takes around 6 hours to complete and there is a mandatory minimum 30 day period between purchase and sitting the exam.
  • Once the content is completed an exam is booked and this takes an hour and consists of 45 random questions from a pool.
  • The person has to gain an 80% success rate and if they do achieve this, they get a pass letter to send with their CSCS application.
  • The exam has to be invigilated by someone appointed by your company.  The providers give the invigilator an initial 30 minute run through as to what has to happen (no paperwork or mobile phone present, set up in a private room etc).
  • At the end of the exam, during which the Invigilator has to be present throughout, he/she then has to answer a text message confirming that all was done correctly.
These are facts but in talking with the provider, our feeling is that this is aimed at large contractors who have multiple qualified people who, in the provider’s opinion haven’t got a card because they are too busy to do the touchscreen test.

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