Managing health risks is no different to managing safety risks.
About 150 people are killed or seriously injured every week in crashes using public roads for work purposes.

Occupational Health

In construction, there are many dangers that can harm your workers. Statistics indicate that a construction worker is at least 100 times more likely to die from a disease caused or made worse by their work as they are from a fatal accident.  By law, the employer must eliminate, prevent or control the risks.  Keys risks include:

  • exposure to asbestos; dusts including silica and lead, chemicals, sunlight, diesel engine exhaust emissions
  • frequent loud noise
  • frequent or excessive use of vibrating tools
  • frequent of excessive manual handling of loads
  • stress and fatigue

CONSTRUCT recognises that the workers of our members are potentially at risk of developing illnesses and diseases associated with the work they undertake and to assist our members and the wider industry we have developed in conjunction with Constructing Better Health a series of Educational Materials including Management and Employee Guides; Posters and Tool Box Talks.

The subjects covered by the materials are:

  • Introduction to Occupational Health – including Sick Absence Management and Reporting Occupational Illness
  • Mental Wellbeing and Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Noise
  • Respiratory
  • Safe Driving
  • Safety Critical Workers
  • Skin Disorders
  • Vibration

All materials were developed with part funding provided by CITB through the Growth Fund and have the support of CITB going forward.  Access materials here

Did you know membership to Constructing Better Health is available to CONSTRUCT members inclusive of your membership? Contact us for information on how to join CBH.

Further information on Occupational Health is available from:

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HSE – Managing Construction Health Risks

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