Health & Safety

The health and well-being of the workforce is our number one priority. Our vision is one of workplaces that are incident- and injury-free, where everyone returns home safely. CONSTRUCT works with designers, clients and other stakeholders to achieve that.

CONSTRUCT’S H&S committee meets regularly to share best practice, to learn from incidents and to work together across the industry to produce publications and policies that are better for all. External organisations and other stakeholders within construction are also invited into the committee to present and share their views. Led by our HS & E Manager Dave Armsworth this honest and open forum has, above all, allowed for substantial collaborative improvement.

CONSTRUCT has developed an extensive list of publications which are free for all members. Non-members can purchase most publications so we urge you to contact us. We actively encourage members to share knowledge, experience and best practice.

Most publications are available by download in Useful stuff or by contacting us with an email request

  • Accident statistics report
  • H&S policy
  • Pictorial Common Practice Guidance sheets Behavioural safety process
  • Formwork and falsework guides for safe erection, use, dismantling, transportation
  • Lifting operations plan template
  • H&S tool box talk video sessions
  • Occupational Health Tool Box Talks and Guidance

Our pictorial Common Practice Guidance sheets were developed in collaboration with members and seek to demonstrate common ways to undertake specific site activities across the industry.  These can be made site specific and cover the subjects of:

  • Safe Access/Egress and Vehicle Segregation on Sites
  • The management and control of dust on construction sites including the setting up of on-site saw benches
  • The safe loading / unloading of vehicles
  • COSHH – safe storage and use
  • The setting up and management of Site Stores

Environmental impact and sustainability are areas demanding attention by industry and we’ve achieved some results here too developing How to Guides and a Register of Legislation.

Getting involved with CONSTRUCT’S H&S Committee is the single best thing your company can do to stay up-to-date with work being carried out around Health and Safety. Contact our H&S Manager Dave Armsworth to find out more about what you can get out or put into CONSTRUCT.


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