GCCA joins world leaders at United Nations Secretary-General’s high-level roundtable on climate action

GCCA joins world leaders at United Nations Secretary-General’s high-level roundtable on climate action
The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) was invited to participate in the UN Secretary-General’s high-level roundtable on climate action, joining world leaders as a part of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

As the climate crisis continues to impact on the world, UN Secretary-General António Guterres convened a roundtable of around 20 global leaders from government, business and finance and civil society, to discuss the bold climate actions they are taking and their ambitions for a better future.

Dinah McLeod, GCCA Chief Executive, participated in the roundtable to discuss how the cement and concrete industry is aligning on long-term strategies, recovery and stimulus opportunities and its ambition to achieve greater carbon neutrality.

The GCCA recently announced its Climate Ambition 2050, to demonstrate the commitment of the cement and concrete industry to drive down the CO2 footprint of the world’s most used material after water, with the aim of delivering society with carbon neutral concrete by 2050.

At this pivotal moment of climate action, Climate Ambition 2050 is a critical milestone for the industry, marking the first time it has come together globally to state a collective ambition for a carbon neutral future. It also builds on the longstanding climate commitments and sustainability progress of the industry as it works toward the long-term sustainability of concrete, as a vital building material.

Dinah McLeod, GCCA Chief Executive said: “Our industry is committed to ensuring the long-term resilience, prosperity and sustainability of our planet. Tackling climate change is a fundamental part of our approach, as we seek to play a role in creating a carbon neutral world whilst providing an essential material for economic recovery and ongoing sustainable development. We believe the way to respond to the current crisis is to ‘build back better’ and our focus remains on creating a more sustainable future world.”

The virtual roundtable focused on highlighting six climate positive actions to support a better recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders discussed the numerous social and economic benefits of a sustainable recovery with the aim of creating a more resilient, carbon neutral future.

More on the GCCA Climate Ambition 2050 and the 2050 Concrete Roadmap can be found on the GCCA website.

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