Form Tie Systems – Health & Safety Awareness

Form Tie Systems – Health & Safety Awareness
CONSTRUCT has teamed up with member, DYWIDAG, to offer toolbox talks on Form Tie Systems

We are looking to raise awareness amongst the construction workforce to ensure that the appropriate checks are carried out when using form tie systems. Form Tie Systems are a specified product and as such are designed to high degrees of tolerances with high safety factors to ensure safe operations of formwork systems, and more importantly the safety of everyone on site. By not using an approved system there is a potential of failure which can result in serious injury. To avoid the dangers please

  • Is the bar cross section free of damage?
  • Are the threads clean and undamaged?
  • Corrosion: can any rust be removed with a wire brush?
  • Are all elements of the system compatible?
  • Datasheets: does the product match the specification?
  • Are there test certificates available?

By putting checks and procedures in place the chance of dangerous and costly failures is vastly reduced.

To book a short toolbox talk, either on site or via video link please contact either Dave Campbell or Neale Beardsley.

To find out more, view our poster.

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