Form Tie System Common Practice Document

Form Tie System Common Practice Document
While the industry and our members strive to make construction working practices as safe as reasonably practicable through maintaining a competent workforce, communicating safe systems of work and by providing the equipment and tools to carry out the work; there are still accidents and near misses occurring due to the failure of concrete shuttering.
CONSTRUCT and Dywidag have been working together to highlight the need for commonality across the membership, the message was passed onto the wider community when we presented at the Temporary Works Forum.  The information campaign has culminated in the production of a common practice document which we encourage our members to refer to.
Reason for document
  1. To provide CONSTRUCT members with a Common Practice Common Standard for Form Tie System management. If adopted for use, it must also be used in conjunction with the Manufacturer’s Instructions of the specific System to be used.
  2. Form Tie Systems are a threaded bar system with accessories designed primarily to allow for the safe installation of formwork systems on site.
  3. To promote and raise awareness of safe working practices when using Form Tie Systems under loads on building sites throughout the UK
  4. To give clear advice regards best practice at all stages from install to stripping of the system
  5. To give clear and concise guidance with regards checks that should be carried out to ensure equipment is serviceable.
  6. To help avoid any potentially harmful failures on UK sites

To find out more and download the document, click here.

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