CONSTRUCT’S Ian Burnett Visits Rawlplug’s Wokingham Site

CONSTRUCT’S Ian Burnett Visits Rawlplug’s Wokingham Site

In February the General Manager for CONSTRUCT visited Rawlplug’s training facility in Wokingham. They have been a supplier member of CONSTRUCT Concrete Structures Group for 4 years.  Rawlplug Ltd. is a part of the Rawlplug Group, being a globally present manufacturer of fixing solutions and tools.

Ian Burnett was invited by Rawlplug to visit their state-of-the-art training facility in Winnersh, Wokingham, Ian met with Dr Pietro Grandesso the Rawlplug Managing Director and Umut Cacan the Rawlplug International Business Development Manager.

Pietro and Umut provided Ian with a breakdown of the history of Rawplug which was founded in 1910 by John Rawlings who invented the rawlplug to make it easier and neater when fixing into walls while ensuring screws driven into masonry walls provide a secure fixing. In the training area Ian was shown the 100-year anniversary wall showing:

  • 1911 Conception
  • 1920’s Innovations in advertising
  • 1930’s Rawlhammer invented hand powered hammer drill
  • 1933 Rawlplug show carswith display windows attract attention everywhere they go.
  • 1940’s Rawlplug progresses from a small plumbing firm to a global company.
  • 1941 Spring Toggle – The world’s first metal anchor for hollow drywall.
  • 1948 Rawlplug anchors – The world’s first metal anchor for drywall.
  • 1960’s First production of expansive plastic plugs
  • 1980’s Mechanical anchors introduced
  • 2010 Bonded anchors introduced
  • 2013 Façade and roofing insulation introduced
  • 2019 Direct and manual fastening systems introduced

Ian was able to see the classroom training area with modern equipment for training and a wealth of physical equipment for attendees to get to grips with.

Dr Pietro showed Ian the new Timber Uno, which is the first universal wall plug, whose sleeve is 70% wood. Pietro explained that the Timber Uno is the ecological alternative to the already renowned plastic rawlplugs, same reliability but more eco-friendly. Timber Uno is the perfect choice for green construction projects.

Umut Cacan and Pietro demonstrated to different Rawlplug power tools no available. Ian played with a couple of the tools including the RawlWrench a compact driver with multifunctional tool holder (as seen in the image). Ian was impressed with small size of the power tool and power delivery. Pietro explained to Ian all the different types of fixings and their specialist application demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the product range and usage.

Ian was seen being shown how due to research and technical advances that Rawlplug fixings could be drilled closer together than tradition fixings without undermining the structural integrity to if this case the underside of a balcony. Ian was shown how even with hollow building components Rawlplug fixings could still be used while ensuring the security and integrity of the fixing.

Please let Ian Burnett know if you would like CONSTRUCT to visit your place of work so we can promote the excellent work our members are carrying out.

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