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Founded in 2007 by James G McCoy and his daughter Colleen, JG McCoy is a proud family business, dedicated to creating “new inventions for old problems” in the construction industry.

The company’s focus on innovation and pro-activity was there right from the beginning. As Colleen says: “My Dad handed me a device he’d just created and said ‘let’s take it to market!’”

That device turned out to be the game-changing, highly commended Kicker Bracket, which began production in 2008, and is now one of the company’s most popular products.

Not that the process was easy. When it came to getting a new product to market, James and Colleen were unknowns. They had to convince the right people to back the idea, make the tools, manufacture the parts, patent the design…and then, persuade contractors to work with the result!

Their efforts were worth it, as in 2008 JG McCoy won a high commendation Construct award for innovation and best practice.

Continuing their wave of innovation, the Box Bead was added to the company’s product range in 2009, followed by FAB safety bench designs in 2016. Safety and quality are always at the forefront of JG McCoy designs, with finished products often improving upon – or setting completely new – standards.

From their own experience in the construction industry, James and Colleen have always understood the value and importance of collaborative partnerships. They have always been proud of the fact that their products have opened the doors to partnerships between manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors.

JG McCoy continues to be driven by James and Colleen’s unending passion for quality, safety, and sustainability in every product they create.

J G McCoy