What does the CONSTRUCT Council do?

What does the CONSTRUCT Council do?

What is the CONSTRUCT Council?

CONSTRUCT is managed by an elected Council of its members with representatives from Contractor, Supplier, and Industry Association member categories.

There is a Chair and a Vice Chair who work with the rest of Council to implement strategic plans that have been drawn up via constant consultation with members.

Using their vast experience within concrete frame and groundworks the Council have responsibility for driving improvements in each of the strategic areas while constantly reviewing and updating plans to take account of the ever-changing market conditions.

Council consultation is achieved by multiple means but primarily through committees such as:

  • Health, Safety & Environment Committee provides regular presentations and updates on the latest best practice, and acts as a confidential forum for members to troubleshoot any issues they may have on their own projects.
  • Concrete Frame Training Forum (CFTF) brings together the lead training contacts within our contractor members and helps develop and deliver concrete-specific training.
  • Groundworks Committee supports members in this area of activity with guidance, training, alerts, lobbying and more.
  • Formworks Suppliers Group made up of the supplier members within CONSTRUCT membership who produce or supply for formwork to contractors.
  • Ad-hoc Sub-Committees help shape guidance documentation, standards etc.

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