Training Challenge

Through our combined buying power and broader data collection capability, we aim to bring greater value and efficiency to our members.

A dedicated full time Training manager helps us to ensure that members have access to all the training they need. Here are some of the things we are focused on:

  • Provision of short term training and support at all levels – check the calendar for upcoming courses;
  • Overcoming and rebalancing the obstacle of funding for training, to increase the benefit members receive from the CITB;
  • Improving and increasing the recruitment of suitable apprentices and new entrants across all trades and levels of industry;
  • Increasing grant claims and income for short term training courses.  Previously our Members have been supported with the production of Training Plans and for some these plans have increased grant income by a factor of five under a Pilot Scheme being undertaken in conjunction with Build UK and CITB;
  • Ensure that training and apprenticeships meet the needs of CONSTRUCT members and actively seek to change the content and curriculum where necessary by liaising directly with the CITB and awarding bodies;
  • Consultation with and representation on bodies such as CITB, CSCS, CPCS and Build UK.

CONSTRUCT’S CFTF Training Group  draws on the knowledge and skills of members plus external expertise to guarantee that our development in this area is second-to-none.