The NSCS covers requirements for the construction of concrete building structures of in-situ concrete, precast concrete and hybrid concrete systems. It is especially relevant for structures designed to BS8110 and EN1992 (EC2).

Edition 4 which has been fully revised to meet the requirement of BS EN 13670 Execution of concrete structures use of which is required for execution of BS EN 1992 and other Eurocode designs.

The NSCS contains three documents:

NSCS Standard Specification
Provides standard clauses generally required by BS EN 13670 execution specification and UK Engineers. This ensures that all parties involved ~ clients, designers and frame contractors ~ fully understand the normal requirements of efficient concrete construction.

NSCS Project Specification
Provides a clear and separate statement of the specific requirements for individual projects. This specification highlights ‘by exception’ any required amendments to the standard requirements. The specification provides indication where information should be provided using default values wherever possible.

NSCS Guidance Notes
The Guidance provides a companion to the specifications outlining the philosophy of the specification and background to individual clauses. Guidance to specification clauses is indexed in the main specification index. A separate full bibliography is provided for NSCS guidance