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HALFEN is one of the world’s leading brands in the fields of concrete, façades and industrial technology and has stood for quality and safety for over 90 years.

From channels and balcony connectors to transport anchors and tension rod systems, the comprehensive HALFEN product portfolio offers engineered solutions for construction and industrial applications.

HALFEN products offer a wide range of intelligent fastening solutions as alternatives to drilling or welding. HALFEN channels are synonymous with total flexibility when fixing to concrete. The HALFEN range offers the ideal channel for every application, whether for elevator shafts, tunnels, stadiums or precast concrete construction, to name just a few uses.

Architects and engineers plan their most ambitious designs with HALFEN products and our associated easy-to-use calculation software. Construction companies and precast concrete plants use the HALFEN range across all types of building and civil engineering.

Industrial customers from the chemical and energy sectors, use HALFEN engineered solutions in the build and maintenance of machinery, vehicles and plant equipment.

Halfen Ltd