Waste Management is one area our How to Guides focus on
Developing an Aspects and Impacts register can assist you in reducing the risk of construction operations causing damage to the surrounding environment.

Environmental management system

A company’s environmental management system (EMS) identifies measures and manages the effects their activities have on the environment. It helps by both reducing your environmental impact and creating direct cost savings through waste minimisation, energy reduction and better use of resources.

An EMS requires you to:

  • Have an environmental policy;
  • Carry out an exercise to identify how your organisation interacts with the environment and what your legal obligations are;
  • Write a set of environmental procedures to standardise activities in a way that minimises impacts on the environment;
  • Endorse a set of objectives and targets in order to demonstrate continual improvement;
  • Ensure a process is in place to check such processes are being implemented throughout the Company;
  • You may also be increasingly asked to provide Key Performance Indicators in relation to your environmental performance.

To understand more on EMS and the benefits implementation could bring to your company please read our EMS Guide.

Our How To Guides on key environmental related subjects may be of use to members to ensure ongoing compliance or when setting up your company Environmental Management System.  We have five available:

  • How to write an environmental policy
  • How to be aware of your legal responsibilities
  • How to manage your waste
  • How to manage waste transfer notes and consignment notes
  • How to develop an aspects and impacts register

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