CONSTRUCT to Become an Approved Training Organisation

CONSTRUCT to Become an Approved Training Organisation

CONSTRUCT’s Concrete Frame Training Forum (CFTF) is to launch itself as an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) later this year.

ATO Status is provided by CITB to training providers who agree to meet high standards of delivery for training, and enable them to automatically distribute grant for eligible courses.

The aim of the ATO status is to help CONSTRUCT’s members access high-quality training that is specific to the concrete structures industry, and enable members to maximise their return from CITB levy contributions.

What training will the CONSTRUCT ATO offer?

Training offered will be focussed around the specialisms of the concrete structures sector, to help upskill the existing workforce. All the training will be mapped to the relevant Training Standards, which allows grant to be claimed through the CITB grant scheme.

Members within CONSTRUCT have been helping develop and shape a range of Training Standards to enhance skills for Formwork Systems, Concrete Pump Supervision, and a specialist Temporary Works for Concrete, which is currently in development.

CONSTRUCT’s ATO will not currently seek to compete with more generic construction training, as there is an established network of providers available.

We will be starting with a small selection of courses, and will ramp up the selection of courses in phases, and in line with the industry’s needs.

Who will deliver the training?

CONSTRUCT will engage with training providers, individual trainers, and with our supplier member network to deliver the training.

We will audit these providers to ensure they have the necessary training and experience for delivering to the highest standard, and that their training is delivered in line with the Approved Training Standards so that it can attract grant.

Where will training take place?

CONSTRUCT’s ATO will adopt a flexible and bespoke model for delivery. We will look to offer members the choice of booking onto face-to-face courses, delivering courses on-demand for your staff only on your site or at a training centre, and making use of online delivery.

How will this help maximise our Levy Return?

We are working closely with members to create more Training Standards, so that more of the training you undertake attracts grant from CITB.

Where training is currently not available, the development of these Standards and delivery by our trainers and Suppliers’ network will allow us to provide provision and provide grant for attending.

Any courses delivered by the CONSTRUCT ATO will be process grant automatically to members’ bank accounts.

Are there any plans for CONSTRUCT to accredit internal trainers within contractor member companies?

We will soon be consulting with members about the development of a network of internal trainers within member businesses.

Essentially, the ATO would accredit employees within member businesses to deliver training to the standard required, so that each company can deliver accredited training internally. This means you will be able to claim more grant for training you deliver internally.

Any companies that are ATO’s in their own right are required to meet this standard with CITB already, so we are asking members if this is a service that you would use, or it is more effective for CONSTRUCT to help members achieve ATO status. If you have any feedback, please contact us, but more detailed questions will be sent to members shortly.

When will the ATO launch?

We hope to launch the ATO with our initial course offering within the next two months.

If you have any questions, or you are a provider looking to become accredited under the CONSTRUCT ATO, please contact us.

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